DIRTY SOUND SYSTEM are Clovis Goux and Guillaume Sorge, two discerning French selectors currently living in Paris. Involved in numerous musical activities since the late nineties, Clovis and Guillaume are well known for their extensive and exotic knowledge of music. Dirty is now a full on label that draws attention from influential blogs, journalists and djs worldwide, and the boys are constantly touring the world since their first compilation “Dirty Diamonds” in 2003.

Their selector works, blog activity (more than one thousand daily visitors to alainfinkielkrautrock) and dj sets have gained them a worldwide following, recently increased due to the success of their “Dirty edits” series. This ongoing collaborative project with their pal Pilooski caught attention from everyone these last few months, from Justice to Laurent Garnier, Optimo, Gille Peterson and even Adidas who used one of the dirty edits for their recent worldwide campaign. DIRTY SOUND SYSTEM dj sets cover an insanely wide spectrum from weird disco, jackin’ techno, acid house to the best modern music around. Expect unobvious dancefloor crazyness for party people with taste and style.


BOOKING : Fany Coral @ KTDJ

MORE SETS : http://soundcloud.com/dirty-sound-system

REFERENCES : Art Basel Miami, Sonar, Transmediale, Club2club, Tribecca Grand, Ponystep, Plastic People, Respect, Social Club, Le Baron, Astropolis, Calvi On The Rocks, Milan Design Week, Distorsion Copenhagen, MEG Montreal, Disco Limone Milano, Opportunista Porto, Aires Libres, Scala Berlin, l-ektrica roma, Artissima torino, WLA, Lux Fragil, Bloggers Delight, Bal Jaune, APC, Fantastic Man, Colette, Mango…

GUILLAUME SORGE works as a sound designer, he also curates the 12mail gallery in Paris. CLOVIS GOUX is a freelance journalist living in paris.



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